Written by Kim Rosenstock, Michael Mitnick, and Will Connolly

Directed & Choreographed by Brooke Viegut

Music Directed by Sarah Nelson

The Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Webster University

Mariah Studebaker, Caitlin Witty, Hunter Bell, Molly Burris, Max Bahneman, Spencer Kruse, Bradley Fertitta

Scenic Design by Ali Strelchun

Lighting Design by Wyatt Mailloux

Costume Design by Tyler Tippit

Wig & Makeup by Brielle Creaser

Sound Design by Hunter Stout

Dramaturgy by Annie Dent

Photography courtesy of Eric Woolsey Photography


"So whenever you’re afraid or feeling lost and small, just look up at the sky and trust that there’s an invisible family tree connecting it, in all it’s vastness, directly to you.”

​– Father, page 34

​A star-crossed prophecy. A lot of music. Just not a lot of light. In this darkly comic rock-fable, a melancholy sandwich maker’s humdrum life is intersected by two entrancing sisters. A sweeping ode to young love set against the backdrop of the Northeast blackout of 1965, Fly By Night is a tale about making your way and discovering hope in a world beset by darkness.

Webster conservatory | 2018

Kim Rosenstock, Michael Mitnick, and Will Connolly

Fly By Night

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