"Directed with a swirling energy by Brooke Viegut, the production captures this [tumultuous world] by immersing the surrounding audience from all angles.... With pep in their step and glints in their eyes though, all five actors exhibit a penchant for rapt delivery and stage presence, letting every word drip and bite the air with profound dexterity and command. This makes the production a huge success..." - Natalie Rine, Onstage Blog

"The cast’s skill and chemistry allows each girl’s personality to shine through, leavening the piece’s potential for sentimentality with commitment to its emotional truth. As guests within their home, we witness the March sisters navigate such triumphs and challenges... In its festive take on Alcott’s classic, Hedgepig maintains Little Women's cherished familiarity while broadening its appeal to modern sensibilities." - Theatre is Easy, Emily Cordes

"Brooke Viegut navigated Emily Sullivan and Rachel Schmeling beautifully as the unexpected lovers... showing great sensitivity and an inner life that ushered the audience through much of the drama." - Showtones, Mariama Sano

"Caught this show tonight, and it was hilarious! Highest marks to the high energy cast! What fun! Brassy and sassy to the max - perfect show for summer time! I will never see a better song about "Road Kill" for the rest of my days! - audience member, The Great American Trailer Park Musical 

"Far from being merely a recital from a summer retreat, Almost Full: A Young Woman’s Guide to Growing Up turned out to be the sort of show that leaves one happier and more hopeful than when one went in." - DC Metro Arts, John Stoltenberg

"Fly by Night was director-choreographer Brooke Viegut's senior project; I'd say she passed with flying colors." - Two on the Aisle

The Great American Trailer Park Musical
Arts for Life Best Performance Awards, 2019
Best Duo/Trio Performance - won
Best Small Ensemble Musical - nomination
Best Set Design - nomination