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I'm going to Grad School!

Hey friends! You've made it to my news and updates section. For 2021, year two of the pandemic, I made the leap and decided to do what every person who has a mid-twenties crisis does... go back to school! During the quiet time and shuttering of the entertainment industry, I took a long hard look at my priorities in life and am currently pursuing my masters in Design Research, Writing and Criticism from the School of Visual Arts. It's an incredible program, and nothing like anything I've ever done before! (Who woulda thought getting a degree in playing pretend could prepare me for research and authorship??) My classmates and I are featured here

Check out the program here. Some of my work with be shared soon! Looking forward to graduation in May 2022... cross your fingers for me!

Interested in it the program? Email me, bviegut - at - sva.edu. Always happy to chat! 

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I'm going to Grad School!