3D TechFest is an annual global conference that explores the future of fashion and technology. For 2022, Brooke joined the team to support festival messaging and curation, shaping a narrative over three days of digital programming. The days included a Fashion-Tech Reality Check, Building a Brand for Everybody and Any Body, and What's Next in Digitization?. Brooke also produced the festival, streamlining production processes and solidifying a more accessible platform and visual narrative. 

3D TechFest 2022 was shared with over 6,000 people from over 20 countries all over the world.

Alvanon is a fashion technology company, focused on enabling companies to generate and leverage their authentic 3D digital assets across multiple platforms and applications. It has developed a unique and innovative body data-driven approach, with a consumer-scanning element, to solving the challenges of sizing and fit inherent in the apparel industry.

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3D TechFest

Creative Director, Producer

Graphics courtesy of Alvanon.