"Director Brooke Viegut build(s) the show’s atmosphere as soon as we enter... We immediately find ourselves steeped in the household’s fast-paced dynamics... [Viegut] maintains Little Women's cherished familiarity while broadening its appeal to modern sensibilities. The result is roundly appealing, allowing both longtime fans and new generations to delight in its message." 

- Emily Cordes, Theatre is Easy

A family-friendly, holiday adaptation of the classic coming-of-age novel. Featuring the four March sisters and Marmee, this experiential production explores growth and discovery as four very different young women verge on adulthood. With Marmee guiding along the way (well, really just doing her best), this innovative look at a story that has stood the test of time reminds us all that there is no right way to be a woman in the world - then, or now. 

Run time 95 minutes. Features holiday carol sing-a-longs and audience interaction

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Hedgepig Ensemble Theatre

adapted by Brooke Viegut

Little Women: Christmas with the Marches

Director / Choreographer

"Directed with a swirling energy by Brooke Viegut, the production captures this [tumultuous world] by immersing the surrounding audience from all angles.... With pep in their step and glints in their eyes though, all five actors exhibit a penchant for rapt delivery and stage presence, letting every word drip and bite the air with profound dexterity and command. This makes the production a huge success..."

- Natalie Rine, Onstage Blog