Through this project I worked with a team at Hersheypark to elevate the guest experience by developing scripts, curriculum, and coaching for ride operators. They infused fun into waiting in line through games, chants, trivia and exercises. Out of this work came a workbook, binder of scripts, and series of games along with some ongoing research into the place where service and experience design meet. My work here brought  entertainment to the masses through small everyday activations. After all, it is the little things we remember most! 

Along with experience design, I was the outreach manager and digital content producer for this project. Our listings reached roughly one million eyes, seeking the best talent for these positions. Over my time managing social media, following grew by roughly 1.5k members in 30 days. Go check out @experiencerws on Instagram for samples. 

This project was created with RWS Entertainment Group and RWS Fun Crew (see more here)

Hersheypark, RWS Entertainment Group

Theme Park Experience Design

Associate Exp. Designer, Producer