Hey! Thanks for paying me a visit. So a bit about me; my friends would describe me as constantly curious, and they'd be right! As an experience designer, theatrical director, and researcher I love exploring the ways people connect through entertainment. My first love is storytelling, which led to my career exploring live entertainment and art in a myriad of ways. Currently my research is focusing on the "together alone" feeling in entertainment spaces, how it is designed, and how it continues to evolve in the pandemic. That - and novelty items! Ways a good laugh brings joy and togetherness. 

In a past life I've been a musician, dancer, athlete, and aspiring mermaid. In my career I have worked in themed entertainment, events, marketing, social media, and producing (check out my LinkedIn or ask me for a resume!). In my leisure life I am a serial hobbyist, fervent dog mom, and passionate donut aficionado. 

I take pride in learning, continuing to grow and explore ever single day. I'm currently working toward my masters in Design Research, Writing, and Criticism from the School of Visual Arts (expected May '22), and hold a BA in Directing from the Peter Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Webster University. 

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I am here for any of your theatrical, experience design, event, or general creative needs, or some writing and research! Need to disrupt some workplace culture through play? Looking to build a creative event for your team to connect deeper? Ready to build a more intentional form of entertainment for your patrons? Or want to put on a musical? I've got you!

Organizations I've had the privilege of working with include National Audubon Society, RWS Entertainment Group, Historic Hudson Valley, Hedgepig Ensemble Theatre, Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, Breaking Walls,  and many, many others. 

I am a founding board member and experience designer for SPEAK*, a nonprofit dedicated to advocating for your authentic voice and expression through creative arts and movement. I was also the founding Managing Director of Ghostlight Audition Group and the founding creative director for Envisage Theatre Company. 

Want to know more? Contact me for a resume, visit my LinkedIn, or let's find time to chat