David Nehls & Betsy Kelso
Act Two Theatre, St. Peters MO

Directed and Choreographed by
Brooke Viegut
Music Directed by Karla Curry
Stage Managed by Emily Siegfried

Scenic Design by Brooke Viegut & Christopher Resimius
Costume Design by Rebekah Williams
Sound Design by Art Zemon
Lighting Design by Chase Coates

Betty - Theresa Peters Nigus
Lin - Laura Deveney
Pickles - Abby Cockerham
Pippi - Katy Gilda-Fry
Norbert - Jeffrey Pruett
Jeannie - Dana Watchel
Duke - Jack Theiling


"Caught this show tonight, and it was hilarious! Highest marks to the high energy cast! What fun! Brassy and sassy to the max - perfect show for summer time! I will never see a better song about "Road Kill" for the rest of my days!

 - audience member, The Great American Trailer Park Musical 

​Director's Note: An agoraphobic woman, a stripper, a marker-huffing maniac, and a toll collector? A narrating Greek chorus trio of trailer park women gender-bending to play any role they choose? Adultery, attempted murder, and country rock and roll? It seems to be the perfect storm for an uproariously funny, simple musical; and it is! All of the clichés you’ve ever heard about trailer park folks are packed into this charming, comical musical. It’s perfect for a few laughs on a night out after a long, challenging day; but The Great American Trailer Park Musical is more than that.  

On the surface this is a joyous, hilarious, and sometimes dirty piece of theater, but dig a little deeper and you find real people with real problems. Real people who hurt, love, fight, forgive, and forget. Looking past the glossy façade, it is a story about people who press on to overcome all obstacles. They take pride in themselves, their town, and their relationships in spite of less-than-ideal conditions. This story is about rising above impulses, mistakes, and even surroundings to create a future anyone can believe in despite our battered pasts. Without fail, every single one will in their way “make like a nail, and press on.” And that’s all we really want in life, isn’t it? To be able to take hits with grace and seize life by the reins, one punch line at a time. 

act two theater | 2018

 David Nehls & Betsy Kelso

The Great American Trailer Park Musical

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