Working with the board relations department at National Audubon Society, I designed and managed three virtual board meetings during 2020 - 2021. If wrangling 30 board members across the U.S. wasn't challenging enough, Audubon had a strong desire to help their board members feel more connected to each other and to have some fun (along with their regularly-scheduled legal programming). To help meet that goal, we designed a theme for  each meeting, around which we organized a slate of business and entertainment. Each theme came with different physical activity packs and goodie bags sent to each board member.

Some of the activations included: 
   + Digital bird bingo, breaking the meeting into small groups to encourage the board to share stories and connect around pleasant memories. Myself and my team created interactive bingo cards and designed the activity.
   + Virtual happy hour, a conversation complete with guiding questions and sharing spark bird stories.
+ Get out and bird! Gift packages of custom fanny packs, hats, water bottles, and other outdoor tools. Members submitted their photos to our team to be shared. It's amazing how similar everyone's were, even scattered across the world! 
   + Making magic online, with a visit from acclaimed magician Kayla Drescher who designed an interactive magic show for the meeting in collaboration with myself.  

Interested in something like this for your team? Needing to infuse fun and connection into your stuffy mandated meetings? Contact me!

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Breaking Barriers in Board Meetings

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